OA Lab Crew Receives Awards at Plant Center 2007 Retreat

Heqiang Huo and Yajuan Zeng, horticulture graduate students, were honored at The Plant Center’s 2007 Retreat.

Zeng’s presentation, “Comparative Analysis of Sequences and Expression of BABY BOOM-like Genes in Buffelgrass (Cenchrus ciliaris),” won the third place presentation award while Huo’s poster, ” Retrotransposon-Based Molecular Marker Development for Apomixis in Pennisetum  squamulatum,” received a poster award. Two out of six awards at the Plant Center Retreat were from the Ozias-Akins Biotechnology Laboratory.

The Plant Center’s 2007 retreat was held at Emerald Pointe Resort & Conference Center at Lake Lanier Islands on Thursday, October 25 and Friday, October 26.

The Plant Center is designed to foster and support interactions among those members of The University of Georgia research community who share common interests in cellular and molecular aspects of plant growth and development, in plant genome organization and function, in the application of molecular and genetic tools to improve cultivated plants, and in organisms that interact with plants. The Plant Center hosts a regular seminar series, organizes an annual scientific retreat to encourage the development of inter-disciplinary research, and sponsors symposia and technical workshops. For more information, visit theirwebsite.